Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week

Egads, I almost missed it again. It is half over, but I'm not throwing in the towel. Stay tuned for some awesomeness coming.

kid's clothes week

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So, yeah, there's this thing...

And I'm super nervous to talk about it, but it's my blog, right? And there are like 2 readers (maybe) and 40 bots, so I figure I'm pretty dang safe here.

I'm 32 and last November I reached this moment of clarity. I'm sure we have all been there, it was one of those perfect moments where you can clearly see exactly what needs to happen and how it needs to happen. Then all of the sudden this plan forms and you have more motivation than you have ever dreamed of and know exactly what to do.

Yeah, it was amazing. And I'm still riding the wave here in July.

My big epiphany was me. More specifically creating a healthier me and doing it all the right way with good ol' diet and exercise.

So here I am 8+ months later, own 60 pounds, and rocking a very different view of food.

If you are interested in knowing what I did and am still doing, read on my friend. If not, skip the bullets.

  • It started with calorie counting. I know it isn't fun or glamorous, but it works. Every time someone asks, "What's your secret???" They look so disappointed when I tell them the truth. Everyone's caloric needs are different and I've had to tweak mine several times. My max right now is 1550 a day. I've gone much lower and I've gone a bit higher. This is the number that is working for me right now though.
  • I added exercise later. I'm an emotional eater and it took a while for me to not be totally neurotic. I wanted to make a big lifestyle change so I took small but firm steps in the right direction. 
  • I log everything I eat using My Fitness Pal. I think for some people this would be a negative thing, but it has helped me. I like the accountability. 
  • When I screw up I don't let myself spiral down. If I had that piece of cake that I didn't have calories for I didn't throw in the towel and eat the rest of the cake. That's like taking a baseball bat to your car because you got a door ding. Forgive and move on. 
I'm still trekking along on my journey, but I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. I don't plan on talking a lot about weight loss in general, but I did put a little weight loss button on the right sidebar there if you are interested in watching that number go up. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh my! It's July!

Eesh, July. Hottest part of the year here in Texas. At least it hasn't been like last year. I don't think we have broken 100 yet.

I've been sewing quite a bit and I FINALLY made something for myself! It is the Centerfield Raglan Greenstyle Creations. I totally love it. This is the best picture I have of it, sadly. It is in the dirty clothes at the moment too. I used some leftover pink knit for the sleeves and a jersey knit bedsheet (yup, bedsheet) in a dark heather gray for the body. I even cheated a bit and used the hem on the sheet for the shirt hem. Super lazy or super smart? Perhaps a little of both!

I made Daniel this Out of the World tie for his kindergarten graduation. I was super skeptical when he picked out the fabric, but he knew what he was doing I guess, because it turned out really rad. Here's the awesome pattern by Sew Sweet Patterns. It is super simple and I loved making it. 

I've also added a few items to the shop. I won't spam them here, but a link is over in the sidebar. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Rigby Shirt by Shwin Designs

I love Shwin Designs. Unique patterns, good fit, great construction.

This awesome Rigby Polo is no exception. The minute I saw it I knew the fabric I needed. I'd been eyeing an awesome black and gray hounds tooth at Joann, but didn't have the perfect project. Problem solved.

Happy little dude.

It went together perfectly and I even learned a new technique...adding snaps! It was very simple once I figured it out.

Mr. Long and Lanky needed the 6 width with a 7 length. This is part of the reason I love making his clothing. I can custom fit them to his shape and style. 

Reason number 1 I love making him things: He loves them! 

(I was totally not paid or compensated in any way for writing this. Just loved the pattern!)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Well, well, well

I'm back to tell you how awesome I am. Just in case you forgot. :)

Remember my goal to sew more for me. And the other one to create what I want to create?


I hit both of those with this little (not really little at all) beauty.

Her name is Betty and she is from a pattern made by Swoon

I love her.

polka dot pocket
Plus I really stretched my skill set and tried some new things. Learning is always a win.

piping for miles <3 td="">

She is big and roomy and so very very me. No one sees the inside, so I almost went with something plain. Then I remembered *I* see the inside and picked my favorite fabric. Designing what I want FTW.

Awesome pockets. I'm pretty sure  my Kindle will fit in there. 

While she is very far from perfect: the lining is too big, piping could be neater, my hand sewing is atrocious, etc, I love her so so much.

Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 in pictures

Cutting my bangs, birthday party for a friend, convention swag, me, bumper cars FTW, organizing my sewing room, my sweet friends treating me to lunch on Librarian Day, this sums me up pretty well, discovering Shel Silverstein

Inheriting some vintage notions, my first Mexican soda, new library laptops, tiling my bathroom, Super D, the picture that sums up our summers, The Force, creating, IronMom and Hawkeye

Painting the living room, first sewing project for Daniel, cousins come to stay, learning to play Minecraft on the PC, painting my sewing room, designing for me, first (real) haircut, finally climbed to the top, bike riding

feeding giraffes during professional development, first day, my awesome new sign from The Odd Unicorn, teaching grandma to play MarioKart, Book Parade costume, winning the Responsibility Award, The Boy Who Hates Writing makes a list, Creeper hat, first Build a Bear

Low key 6th birthday on Thanksgiving Day, learned to play Magic, first Santa pic since infancy, cookie party, the winning Christmas gift, Easy Bake Oven goodies, bribing with Clementines, Enderman + Creeper = BFFs, writing a New Year's resolution 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sewing Projects 2013

I had way more fun than I thought I would looking through pics of things I created last year. I didn't include everything, but here is most of what I sewed during 2013. 

For a friend, so nice I made it twice, first time using lace, rainbow elephants, rainbow twirl, capris, made the one on the left for her 8th birthday, for a friend, 10 adjustable skirts for kindergarten's Cinco de Mayo program, first time using linen, dress for her 6th birthday, LOVE this one for my shop, for a friend, for my shop, I hate using paper patterns, can you tell I like mustard? 4th of July dress, for Daniel's first day, 4th of July, stripwork maxi, Gnomeville is awesome, testing a knit dress, first birthday skirt, for a friend, donated to tornado victims.  

2013 Goals Revisited

I know, twice in a week. Amazing!

I was going to do a list, but I got about halfway done and was bored. Long story short, my list was too long. I'm glad I've pared it down this year. 

Having Daniel at my school.
Reading more. Hope to do even better this year. 
Dealing with the loss of my daughter. I've been able to talk about her more than ever. 
Avoiding things that annoy me. 

Being silly in the lunch room

Deciding to have another child (or not)
Raising an introvert. Daniel has come out of his shell a bit. Not through any effort of mine though. 

Good memory jar. We lost steam a few months in. 
Sewing for me is the one that I failed at. Miserably. I was always putting it off. Finally the second week of December I decided to make myself an infinity scarf. It turned out great. Then I tried it on. The color was so so terrible for me. I gave it away to a friend with lovely olive skin and she rocks it. 
Warning: Color not suitable for pale people. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 goals and word of the year

I did this last year too. I like having some goals for the year. I'll revisit my 2013 goals soon and see how I did (spoilers: not so hot).

1. Read more.
I didn't find much time to read this year. I have read 8 books this month alone, but the rest of the year wasn't as productive. I'm setting a goal of 4 novels a month and 10 (new) picture books. This should be simple enough.

2. Sew for me.
This one is a repeat of 2013. Spoiler: I failed at this. Hard. I have so many amazing patterns on my Pinterest board.

3. Move more and eat better.
These are simple enough. In the last week of October (Halloween people, boy do I have timing!) I began to count my calories. I'm down nearly 20 pounds, but I need to add movement.

4. Create what I want to create.
I sew a lot for selling purposes. I tend to watch trends and get input from others. I've decided I am going to go with my gut more. The things that I have loved have sold the best.

Like this swirly rainbowy happiness

My list is much shorter that last year, but I feel like I am in a better place. So yay for that.

Now for my word of the year!
Font is Cupcake, image template from Traci Reed

I chose focus because it is perfect for my life right now. I'm all over the place and have a hard time finishing things that I start. I start too many projects, have too many things I want to accomplish, and spend too much time on the darn computer. So, my goal is to focus up. (Anyone else think of The Lonely Island's "Captain Jack Sparrow" when they saw "focus up?" No? Just me. Mmmkay.)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sewing for the boy

You guys know I've been debating where to take this here blog. The truth is, I really don't know. So I officially have no official plan. Which is pretty much what I was doing all along. Glad we got that cleared up.

Sewing for D is one of my most favorite things. Not only do I get to create (yay, making things!), but his enthusiasm for what I make is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

For example, I made him these PJs from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop (affiliate link) which I've mentioned is my favorite shop for patterns for everyday wear.

That smile is 100% legit, no bribery. Dude was so dang excited about some PJs. He went on and on about how soft and stretchy they were. They totally passed the cartwheel test. Wait my kid is the only one that has to cartwheel in any new clothing he gets to test them out? Huh. I also had to pry them from his grip to wash them. 

Then he asked me to make matching underwear and I'm totally going to do it. :) 

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