Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First day of kindergarten!

So, back to school like every August. But this year Daniel has joined me! Daniel and I planned his first day outfit very carefully and picked out the fabrics for his shirt months ago. Like true Jamie form, I began sewing it the day before. Oops. I used the Maxwell Top from Shwin Designs. It was awesome like every other pattern I have gotten from there!

Fake smiles FTW!

Refusing to smile for real at lunch.

Like I have already mentioned, he is attending the school where I work. I had posted about making him a new shirt. Tons of my friends stopped him in the hall, cafeteria, and pick-ups to see it. I think he may think this is the norm. I failed miserably in getting a good pic of the back, but his specially chosen (ridiculously expensive) Batman fabric is back there. His favorite part was the hidden collar lining. Just flip it up and Batman is fighting crime for all the world to see! It was a total win and he wants another shirt or two.

As for me, I am fine. Even though I don't see him much, I know he is close and learning so much!

Here is just a random pic I wanted to share. I participated in a sewing swap sponsored by Peek-a-Boo Patterns. I used the Classic Ringer and the Beach Bum Bermudas. The little guy I sewed for happened to be Daniel's size, so I made him try them on. He wasn't feeling particularly cooperative (shocking).

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  1. My husband and myself have spent time at the school, while class was in session, and more than approve of the way they handle the children. My son comes home singing songs, is easier to direct at home, (i.e. cleans up his toys without fuss, etc.,.) and is always asking when he may go back to school.
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