Sunday, September 22, 2013

A long time coming

Hey all. So this here blog of mine... I dunno. I've been contemplating deleting it. My job has implied that anything I put out there online (regardless of if I speak about my work or not) can get me fired. I know it probably isn't legal or ethical, but I'm a teacher in Texas (right to work state), so I know my rights are (very very) limited.

While I don't personally feel anything I have written about here shows a lack of judgement, I'm scared that someone else would think differently. It sucks. But there it is.

I've been wrestling with this a lot. I like having this place to visit and vomit out what is on my mind. It is so incredibly cathartic for me. Even if no one were to ever read this again, I'd want to keep writing. I do it for me.

Instead of a complete deletion I've decided on a shift. I am going to go through and unpublish some posts, but I am going to keep them all. For me. Hope you decide to stick around.

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  1. I've been going back and forth on mine as well. I hit a great spurt and write and then I hit a great spurt and don't write. And not that I'm a writer or anything but I like having a timeline of events so to speak. But I've decided to do 1 more chapter in the sense of how I started my blog and then once everything/anything happens on the family side then I'll decide on what to do with the blog. I'm sticking around for yours if you'll stick around for mine. :)


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